Llanelli Angling Association

Association Rules and Regulations

    These rules and regulations are made, and from time to time may be amended or repealed by the Management Committee of the Association. They are binding on all members of the Association.
    (A) Members shall at all times conduct themselves in such a way as to uphold the good name and reputation of the Association.
    (B) Members shall not either individually, or acting in conjunction with others, make any statement or enter into any agreement likely to place the Association`s tenure of the fisheries in jeopardy.
    (C) The Management Committee, whose decision will be final, shall settle any dispute.
    (D) Members must carry their fishing permit at all times when at the reservoir.
    (E) Each angler when requested, shall show his or her permit, rod licence and catch to the Bailiffs, authorised Officers of the County or Welsh Water Authority, or any permit holder on the production of his or her permit.
    (A) Application for membership shall be made each year to the Secretary, accompanied by a correctly filled in application form and payment of the appropriate fee.
    (B) Any person found fishing at the reservoir and not in possession of a valid fishing permit and appropriate valid rod licence, will be liable to prosecution.
    (C) Any member finding another person fishing at the reservoir may challenge that person and on producing his own permit request to see proof of that person`s permit. Upon failure to comply with the request the name and address of that person, and his vehicle registration number, should if possible be noted and reported to the Secretary.
    (D) All anglers must possess a current Environment Agency Rod Licence.
    (A) Access to the Upper Swiss Valley Reservoir can be obtained from the main highway adjacent there to. Car parking facilities are available off that road. However, members wishing to park their cars at the official car parking areas inside the gate of the reservoir, must purchase a key off the Secretary,for the appropriate fee. When inside the gate, the gate must then be locked securely by the member who gained entry. (The gate must not be left open). There is to be no parking on or in front of the bridge, or on the roadway alongside the reservoir. Members are reminded that cars are parked at owners own risk, and the Association accepts no responsibility for losses or damage to the vehicle or anything therein. Each angler shall restrict his movements to the immediate vicinity and the defined footpaths and shall not enter or leave the fishery other than through the main gate.
    (B)Speed on the roadway is not to exceed WALKING SPEED, THAT`S 4 TO 5 M.P.H. Reckless driving will result in the withdrawl of gate key
    (A) There are two boats available for the use of members of the Association at the Upper Reservoir. Members will be given username and password to login to the website where they can book boat for their chosen day, members must purchase boat credits at £3 for 1/2 day to confirm booking. Credits can be bought singly or in bulk by contacting Sec. or any committee member. Members utilising the oars and anchor are responsible for their safety, and return to the boathouse. If lost or damaged the member concerned will be liable, to recompense the Association for any such loss or repair. . All boats must be booked and payed for with credits on the club website before use. After login and boat booking you will then be issued with a number for the boathouse lock on the booking page on website.( This number must not be divulged to any other person, and periodically will be changed.) The boat record sheet at the reservoir must be signed before using the boat, it is the responsibility of the member, to ensure that the boats and equipment are securely locked after use.
    (B) Members using the boats must wear a lifejacket, (to be supplied by themselves) at all times when on the water. It is recommended that lifejackets be tested regularly. Anglers are advised that it is unwise to boat fish unless they are competent swimmers.
    (C) A member wishing to be accompanied by a guest shall ensure that such a guest has a valid rod licence, and a valid permit to fish at the Reservoir, (by means of a day ticket). Also there will be a charge of one (£1) pound for insurance on the boat. The guest must also wear a lifejacket supplied by themselves.
    (D) A maximum of three persons are allowed in a boat at any one time, there is no standing allowed in boat.
    (E) Boats must not approach within 40 yards of any angler, fishing from the bank, or the other boat.
    (F) Junior members are only allowed to use the boats when accompanied by a competent adult member.
    (G) Trolling for fish is strictly not allowed with the use of the oars or motor.
    (A) Wading is restricted to thigh depth only.(even in ChestWaders) (B) There is STRICTLY NO wading at all from the DAM. (You are reminded that wading is potentially dangerous).
    (C) Only fly-fishing is permitted using traditional equipment. Only one rod may be in use at any time. Rods must not be left unattended while fishing.(unattended, is defined as-you must remain within 10ft to your rod). Float, Bait or other methods of fishing are not allowed.
    (D) The Upper Reservoir is open daily for fishing from 0600 hrs to one hour after sunset throughout the fishing season.
    (E) Size Limit. No fish (rainbow trout) less than 9 inches in length as measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail to be taken.
    (F) Catch & release allowed for Season 2021, Strictly NO BOOBIES, BARBLESS HOOKS only, fish to remain in water when unhooking and releasing. Once 4 fish have been killed fishing must stop. Any bloodied fish must be dispatched. The management committee reserve the right to stop catch & release at any time, if it is felt that it is being abused.
    (G) Daily Bag Limit. There is a 4 fish bag limit, (per person) all season, on rainbow trout. Cease fishing after fourth kill.
    (H) Anglers must not occupy one fishing spot for an unreasonable time and can be asked or are expected to move after catching or releasing 4 fish.
    (I) The use of float tubes is not permitted (Water board regulations).
    (J) Would all members please note that on the day of the Dr. Roderick competition, fishing will only be allowed for members taking part in the competition. i.e no boat fishing and competition anglers only to fish. Competition is open to all members.
    (A) There is to be no cleaning of fish at the reservoir.
    (B). Anglers fishing the Upper Reservoir must respect at all times, the conservation of wild life, during certain months of the fishing season.
    (C). Members must remove all discarded line and litter from the reservoir, at all times.
    (D) Blue-Green Algae This reservoir is monitored by the NRA for blue-green algae and reserves the right to restrict fishing or close the reservoir when acting upon their advice and no compensation or refund shall be payable to permit holders.
    There are (2) two Bailiffs appointed to supervise the fishing at the Upper Lliedi Reservoir. ( Appropriate telephone numbers can be found on back of permit. i.e police,EA.) Members are asked to co-operate fully with them, and assist them if required. The Bailiffs have the right to ask members to disclose their bag catch, and for that purpose to examine all bags and pockets. Any violation of the above mentioned rules will result in the offender having their permit number taken by a bailiff or committee member, if noted twice, then that member will by reported to the committee for any disciplinary action, which they deem necessary.
  9. These rules supersede any rules that were in force before this date. and are run in conjunction with the Environmental Agency Rules and Regulations..
    Issued and approved by the Management Committee to take effect from the start of the 2020 season.
    (19/2/ 2021)
  10. Liability
    Anglers entering upon the property for purpose authorised by a permit to do so at their own risk and shall have no claim against Welsh Water Authority, Carmarthenshire County Council or their officers, servants or agents (i.e Llanelli Angling Assoc.) for injury, damage or loss however sustained by them.
  11. Health & Safety Statement
    • The Llanelli Angling Association is committed to ensure that its members are able to enjoy a safe fishing experience commensurate with the overall nature of the facilities and environment of a wildlife fishery such as Upper Lleidi Reservoir. The Fishing Club will ensure that when possible it will reduce risks to those fishing but where this is not possible will alert those subject to hazards so that they may take appropriate action themselves. To this end it is important that those fishing and members of the public are aware of the nature of the reservoir and take note and act on any warning signs and prohibitions. In addition Club members are required to read carefully Club Rules which contain important safety information.
      The Llanelli Angling Association will obtain and hold appropriate third party liability relating to all club approved activities that take place at Upper Lliedi Reservoir.
      It is the duty of all members to take reasonable care of themselves and not to put at risk the health and safety of other persons who maybe affected by their acts or omissions. They are to consider the effects of their activities, to maintain high levels of safety awareness on themselves, others and the environment while fishing or working on the clubs waters.
      Members are to consider:- 1. Safe means of access and egress. 2. Safe systems of work and recreation. 3. Awareness of others in their vicinity, taking precautions to avoid accidents. 4. The actions of other members and advise them accordingly of safe practices.
      The Club through its Officers and Committee will carry out assessments of risk to those using the Upper Lliedi reservoir in association with the land owners Welsh Water and the main lease holders Carmarthenshire County Council. We will respond to the outcome of those assessments as appropriate recognising that in a wilderness fishery like Upper Lliedi reservoir risk cannot be eliminated entirely. Where risk assessments identify that an appropriate response by a person fishing is a specific action e.g. wearing life jackets in boats, these requirements will be communicated verbally or in writing to the individual person and especially through the Club Rules.
    • Parking - Members must park in specified areas and on no occasion park on roadways across the dam or on overflow bridge. Otherwise the Water Authority will insist we park below the dam as in previous years. (When cars were broken into and vandalised) Thanks for your cooperation and pass the message on.